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The Car Investor

We’re at a special time. Classic car ownership is no longer limited to stereotypical gents with an MG Midget in the garage, grease on their hands and a pricey RAC membership. Eighties and nineties babies are grown up, have a bit of disposable income burning a hole in their pockets, and have a new perspective on things. That supercar you had on your bedroom wall? Guess what, there are a few still knocking around, and one day you could be a proud owner. What’s even better is that you can own it, enjoy it, AND make money from it. What a proposition! But you’ve got to start somewhere, and you’ve got to pick the right car.

The Car Investor is a website to help you do just that, by identifying which cars are likely to rise in value and net their owners a nice profit once they’ve had the most out of the car. Exclusivity, originality, and cult following are just a few of the fundamentals that need to be carefully considered when selecting a car to invest in, and The Car Investor thoroughly investigates each aspect with every review.

But it’s not as simple as merely selecting a car and watching the value rise; being a car investor calls for a very different mindset. Your car will be a part of the family rather than being a means-to-an-end. It will demand attention from you, it will test your patience and there will be days where you’ve just about had enough of it. But… if you persevere you will have the most fruitful, rewarding and profitable relationship you’ve ever had with an inanimate object. And if all of this sounds like you, then head over to their website and join them, we think you’ll enjoy it!

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