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Free monthly sports car meets and road runs

Free sports car club membership

Caterham in the USA - Caterham is now flying the flag for British sports car manufacturing very effectively in the USA.  Well done chaps!
Caterham in the USA - read the article in our news section.

Join the Helluvit Sports Car Club Today - Membership is free!

Club Helluvit members are an eclectic mix of petrolheads, car geeks and Sunday drivers, male and female: don't worry, you'll fit in!  We are based in Bournemouth, but we are active along the South Coast and wherever there's a great driver's road.  We organise sports car meets, road runs, our own mini sports car tours and we occasionally take part in track days and other motoring events.  Our current members drive everything from Ferraris to MGBs and from the latest Porsche to the oldest Alfa Romeo! 

The only entry qualification is that you drive a sports car, GT car or sports coupe!  (Sports bikers are also welcome).  We believe that Helluvit is the only all-marques sports car club in the area, although we would like to hear from you if you know different.  Find out how to join the club - here!

Just for the Hell of it!

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Please send an email to David Jones at if you would like us to send you a regular email with details of our sports car club events. (Normally once a month).  We will then add you to our mailing list and keep you updated about forthcoming events.

Total membership is now 521 members.  Please invite your friends to join the club and come along on our monthly sports car road runs and join us for a chat at our sports car meets.

Join us on this coming Sunday for the next Helluvit Sports Car Meet!

Sports Car Meet at Compton Abbas Airfield on Sunday 21st August

Meet us at Compton Abbas Airfield (in the cafe at 10.00 hrs) - our spiritual home!  Compton Abbas Airfield is well-known as one of the UK's friendliest and most picturesque airfields.  This reputation makes the airfield a popular retreat for everyone - from pilots flying in for some lunch, students learning to fly and members of the public who are looking for a great day out - with good food, fantastic views and perhaps a flight in one of the aircraft. 

Situated at 800ft above sea level, the airfield has spectacular views across an area of outstanding natural beauty.  The airfield restaurant with fully licensed bar is open for 360 days of the year, providing breakfasts, morning snacks, lunches and afternoon tea.  The large outside terrace area sits adjacent to the runway and provides a great viewpoint for all the flying activity.  Food is served most of the day but it gets very busy from about mid day until 3pm or so. 

The address of the airfield is: Compton Abbas Airfield, Ashmore, Salisbury.  SP5 5AP.  Tel: 01747 811767.

Please let us know if you will be joining us.  Contact David: or mobile phone: 07966578999.

Provisional dates for 2016 Helluvit Sports Car Club events are:

Sunday 18th September, 2016.

Sunday 23rd October, 2016.
Sunday 20th November, 2016.
Sunday 18th December, 2016.

Please come along - just for the Hell of it!

  orange Ford Mustang at Goodwood 2007

It would be very helpful if you could contact the club to let us know if you are planning to join us.  Please send an email to David at: or send a text to 07966578999.  Call this number on the day if you would like to meet up and can't find us for any reason.

Born to Run!

Visit our events pages for reviews and photos of our recent sports car road runs and meets.

Please keep an eye on the website and e-newsletters for more details of our events (and possible changes to the calendar).

Is it time to get the MX5 back on the road? 
Is it time to polish up the Porsche? 
Is it time to rag your Radical? 
Is it time to hoon along the south coast of England in your Honda NSX?
Fire up the Quattro?! 

Come and join us: we'd love to meet you! 

Please note that all of our sports car road runs, meets, tours, trackdays and other motoring events are dependent on the weather and the general driving conditions: please check with the organisers before setting out!  Please drive carefully!

Lamborghini Murcielago lifts a door in one-door salute  Driving through the Meon Valley
Left: Carolyn's Lamborghini lures its next victim.
Right: Driving through the Meon Valley.

Would you like to take part in - or sponsor - a future Helluvit event?

Remember, there's no charge to members for participation in our monthly road runs: just come along!  But if it's a picnic, remember to bring some food and a frisbee!  Or if it's a Road Run or Rally, bring enough money to buy yourself a coffee and a snack!  You can also sponsor each issue of our newsletter, which is sent out to all of our subscribers.  Contact David Jones for more information about sponsorship opportunities.

Left: Yurie in Monte Carlo. 
Right: David Jones on a sportscar road run to Netherhampton.

Monthly sports car road runs and other events - free membership!

Helluvit is sponsored by Red Dragon Motorsport (UK) - International PR and Marketing for the Automotive and Motorsport Industries.   

All text and images on the main pages of the website (unless otherwise indicated) are the copyright of Red Dragon Motorsport (UK), 2016.  Images on the news pages are copyright of the motor car manufacturer featured in the news story, unless otherwise indicated.

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